Questions you should ask before choosing Orlando Exterminator for your home

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Orlando’s relatively hot and humid weather makes it one of the most famous destinations not only for tourists but also for its inhabitants. But this thing also makes it one of the most affected by pest infestation. The most commonly found pests are bed bugs, insects, German roaches, and termites.

It’s always recommended to use precautionary measures like proper cleanliness with occasional use of sprays and traps to control its spread. If not done, the spread of these unwanted pests may go up to a level where the only solution will be to hand over this to any pest control expert.


Treatment for Pest infestation: Do we need services of an Exterminator?

 Pest infestation is, undoubtedly one of the most annoying things you can have merely due to their size, the trouble they cause, and the effort you need to put to control it. Nowadays we have access to many specialized insecticides available in the market that can be used to kill small insects. But for bigger problems like rats, cockroaches, and bed bugs once gone beyond certain limits require you to call for professionals for help.

Following are some of the scenarios where you must always call for an expert

  • Sometimes in case of extreme infestation, you might fancy the chances of getting rid of it by using chemical sprays and insecticides. But insects like roaches and bed bugs once penetrated in your home are very hard to exterminate completely and sooner or later you’ll need to call professional Orlando exterminator to do the job for you. These professionals are trained and equipped to not only kill all the insects but removing its source which is almost impossible to locate with the naked eye. Hence a complete peace of mind.
  • Sometimes you are unaware of the numbers and types of pets you are dealing with so you can’t even choose the right chemical spray or insecticide for yourself. Most Orlando Exterminators offer first free inspection so you must try it to find out the problem you are facing.
  • Pets like mosquitos, rats, raccoons, and termites can cause havoc if not dealt properly. You really can’t get hold of these by yourself so better is to take help of an exterminator professional.
  • Orlando Exterminator professionals always tend to stay up to date with technology and latest developments in the field hence enabling them to deal with any type of complex problem with ease.


9 Points Check List for choosing a right Exterminator Professional


Following are a few main things to look for before choosing the best possible Orlando exterminator professional.


  1. License Requirement: The first thing to check before choosing an expert for a service is its license. License verification is the must thing. In a city like Orlando where there is a lot of demand for professional exterminators, you’ll come across many people who claim to be experts but don’t have the required license. Always choose licensed professionals.


  1. Insurance Requirement: Pest extermination involves potential occupational & health hazards so you must ensure that your chosen expert is well insured.


  1. Clientele & References: A well-reputed company will always have a healthy list of clientele for references. Make sure to ask for the list of references and if possible contact any random buyer for his review.


  1. First Free Inspection: To stand out of the growing amount of competition, people tend to offer some extras to its customer. Expert advice and first free inspection always tend to attract customer attraction. It’s always recommended to look for such professional exterminator who offers first free inspection to make up your mind if you need their services or not.


  1. Types of treatments offered and its cost: Types of treatments offered and its cost are always the prime factors in making a final decision. Do check and compare packages from different options before making the final decision.


  1. After Market Services: Aftermarket sale & service support is always the unique selling points. Always check this point thoroughly and don’t go for any company that doesn’t have a good reputation in terms of it.


  1. Payment Plans: Check what type of payment plans they offer? You may not be convenient for monthly payments and would like to have more flexible plans like quarterly payments through credit cards. So always do check and compare different options before deciding of acquiring the services of any professional.


  1. Promotional Packages: Sometimes companies do come up with some promotional packages like buy one get one free. So it’s always recommended to look and compare such packages before making a final decision.


  1. Online Account Management: We are living in a digital world where almost everything is controlled through mobile and internet applications. The field of pest extermination is no different from it. Do check and compare different Orlando Exterminators on basic stuff like an online customer portal, current status, customer support through email and SMS, information on inspection reports, and intimation on the next maintenance date.


Services offered by Professional Exterminators

We may seek expert exterminator due to several different reasons like getting rid of bed bugs, termites, cockroaches, etc. But out of many, following are few of the most common and in-demand treatments. Let’s discuss them one by one.

Termite Control & Treatment: Termites are something that we’ll be found most common in old buildings having creep spaces. They can sometimes cause very heavy destruction in its surrounding. So we must make sure to check if we are choosing the right professional exterminator professional that not only has the required knowledge, the right set of skills but also the right equipment to deal with termite. Most renowned companies offer three-level treatment options.

Ant Control & Treatment: Ants are similar but relatively less devastating pests compared to termites. Nonetheless if effected can cause a fair bit of trouble so we must select right Orlando exterminator professional.

Control & Treatment of small insects like bugs, bees & spiders: these kinds of creatures due to their size can enter your home without giving you slightest of idea and increase their population at a very rapid pace. One and the only way is through maintaining proper cleanliness otherwise it’s very difficult to control and completely get rid of these kinds of insects and you will always require services of an expert. Treatments like Thermal radiation have become popular these days in addition to traditional chemical fumigation. As this is one of the most common and probably the most annoying thing, we must make sure to check if we are choosing the right Orlando exterminator professional that has the right combination of knowledge, set of skills, and access to the latest technology.

Control & Treatment of Mosquito: Florida due to its relatively warm and humid weather has more than 80 different types of mosquitos. Since some types of mosquitos also serve as germ & disease carriers by transferring it from one person to another, its control and treatment shouldn’t be taken lightly. So we should check and compare all available Orlando exterminator professionals offering this service before making a decision.

Control & Treatment of Lawn pests and Weeds: The weather here in Orlando, Florida is feasible for grass growth throughout the year that makes common lawn pests and weeds one of the potential problems throughout the year. We must check services like weed and fungus management and especially the disease control program and finalize right Orlando exterminator professionals accordingly.

Control & Treatment of Birds and bats: birds & bats are relatively big compared to other pets we have discussed here. They usually make small nests or any wall opening they may find and thus can be annoying.

Control & Treatment of rodents: rodents like rats and mice can invade your home through ceiling openings, door cracks, and cable trays. They can cause chaos if not taken care of quickly.

Control & Treatment of small animals: Small animals like squirrels and raccoons are also quite common in homes. They can cause, if not properly dealt with, some unwanted troubles especially to the exterior side of your home. Unlike other small insects like bed bugs, roaches and spiders these animals have to be captured and removed by throwing out of the building. So we must make sure to check and compare all available options for making the right choice in selecting the best suitable exterminator professional.



Pest infestation is, undoubtedly one of the most annoying things you can have, in places like Orlando, Florida, merely due to their size, the trouble they cause, and the effort you need to put to control it. These creatures are very hard to locate and their rapid growth rate makes it even a bigger challenge to control them. Pests like bed bugs and ants can be controlled to some extent by maintaining proper cleanliness and closing all possible entry points but they too once gone beyond a certain limit can’t be controlled easily. For pests like roaches, mosquitoes, and termites that can cause big problems and spread diseases, it is always recommended to acquire services of a professional Orlando exterminator.  All American Pest Control is one of the top Orlando Exterminator in Orlando Florida!