Tips for Your Disney World Vacations

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Whether you are a Disney fan or not, you cannot deny the charisma of this magical kingdom. The most visited destination in the whole United States, Disney World is on almost everyone’s bucket list! Yes, you may contemplate if your vacation at Disney is worth the money and time; but if planned right, the memories made could make everything worth it.

With so much to decide and so much to do, planning the perfect trip can be an overwhelming experience. Well, that is where this article comes in! Here, you will find all the tips and tricks you need to know to plan the best trip to the world of happiness and magic!

Tips and Tricks for Planning the Disney World Vacation:


  1. Booking Vacation: It is best to book your vacation during the slower times of the year. The greatest time to book your vacation is during January, early February, September, October, November, and early December.


  1. Special offers: As the dates of your trip come closer, check the special offers tab. Most of the special offers, deals, and discounts are available near to the travel date. You might be able to grab a good discounted deal for your trip and apply it to your booking!



  1. Budgeting: Expert advice to buy Disney Gift Cards to ensure that you don’t cross your budget, especially when it comes to food.

Pro Tip: Target red card allows you to buy a Disney gift card at a 5% discount!



  1. Bring an umbrella or a poncho: Rainfalls and Rainstorms are pretty frequent in Orlando, Florida. It is always a good idea to have a cheap umbrella with you when you visit the park, as buying it there can cost you a lot.


  1. Kids Ticket: If you have a kid under 3, you won’t have to buy a ticket for them. In a restaurant, you won’t have to pay for their food as they can eat off of your plate. Even if they are a week away from their 3rd birthday, it could help you save hundreds of dollars!



  1. Baby Care center and First-Aid rooms: It is always good to know the locations of First-Aid rooms and Baby Care centers before you start your vacation. Baby Care centers have a nursing room and baby food available for you to buy.


  1. Buy Merchandise beforehand: Again, with kids, you might have to buy souvenirs for them. The best trick here is to buy the merchandise online from clearance or discount before the trip start. This will again save you a lot of money and help you lower your budget!



  1. Disposable Necessities: you will be needing cleaning wipes, shampoo, soap, diapers, hand sanitizers, baby food, and sunscreen. You could get these items shipped to your resort ahead of time (2 weeks before your arrival time) to save on money and extra storage.
Information needed for shipping items:

·        Guest Name

·        Care of Disney Resort

·        Hold for guest arriving on D.O. A

·        Reservation Number

·        Resort Address


  1. Baby Strollers: Renting a Stroller at Disney World can get expensive if you have a long stay. A cheaper alternative is to buy a cheap stroller at Amazon and get it shipped to your resort.


  1. Travel agent: Planning a Disney trip can be overwhelming if you don’t want to go through all the pain of planning, booking, and making reservations, hiring a travel agent is your best choice!


Pro Tips for an outclass Disney experience:

Now at the Disney world, the difficult part is over! It is time to enjoy, a few tips and tricks that will help you an experience of a lifetime:

  1. Photo Pass photographer: Photo pass photographers can help you make your trip magical. Get a few shots with them. Ask them to take a magic shot! You will not be disappointed!


  1. Bring your snacks and Drinks: Snacks and Drinks can get expensive, given you are having a multiple day vacation. Although, a snack or two won’t hurt your budget, but bringing your own stuff will save you cash.


  1. Disney Visa Card: If you own a Disney visa card, you can use your rewards at Epcot festivals.


  1. Rider Switch: If you have a child whom you cannot take to a ride or leave him on his own, you can use a rider switch. This will allow you and your partner to take turns on the ride, but you will have to stand in line just once.


  1. Mobile ordering: Ordering from a mobile will make the order contactless!


  1. Shoes: Wearing comfortable shoes would help you avoid blisters because of a lot of walking.



Disney World in the COVID 19 Era

Before we conclude, let’s face the elephant in the room. You need to know the tips on your Disney World Trip in COVID 19 era!

After closing its gates in March due to COVID 19, the Walt Disney World is reopening on July 11th. The theme park opening on the 11th would allow you to visit one park day. Park hopping is not allowed for now. It is also important to know that Epcot and Disney’s Hollywood Studios park will be opening on July 15th!

As for the park entrance, you will need a park reservation in addition to your park ticket for entry. If you are planning a multiple day vacation, be sure to make a reservation for each day. With the capacity restriction in place, reservation is also going to be limited.

Tips for a Trip to Disney World in COVID 19 Era


In this COVID 19 world, everything comes with safety and health practices. Disney World has also introduced its safety and health protocols for a safe trip to Disney.

Here are the tips you need to have a hustle free trip to the Disney world.

  1. Make a reservation for everything: Walk-up reservations will not be available for the time being once the Disney world reopens. Any table restaurant you want to dine it will require you to make beforehand reservations. And with reduced capacity, the restaurants that were easy to get in before might also be fully booked.


  1. Have a fully charged phone and a power bank: Although the phone has been playing an essential role in the planning of Disney world for a long time, its importance is more than ever now!

To avoid as much physical contact as possible, your smartphone will be crucial. Although the disposable paper menu will be available at the restaurants but using a QR reader app on your phone to check the menu will save the environment.

Apart from that, virtual cues for the rides will also make the smartphone a necessity for the trippers. Even though Disney will have a plan for non-smartphone users in place but having this handy device will make it a lot easier for you. Also, be sure to bring a power bank or a portable charger with you to avoid any inconvenience.


  1. Bring your own silverware: Even if Disney has installed a lower touch risk set up for silverware, it is best to bring your own. This will not only minimize the risk of contact but also environment friendly. Also, don’t forget to bring a tiny bottle of dish soap so you can wash the utensils after each usage.


  1. Bring extra Face Masks: Face Masks have been made mandatory. Anyone aged 2 and above is required to wear a mask that covers their mouth and nose in public areas. Failure to do so, you will not be allowed in the park.


Make sure you have plenty of extra masks in your bag for any circumstances. You may wet your mask on a water ride or maybe rainstorm ends up ruining it. Given the hot weather of Florida these days, you surely would want to freshen up the mask after some time to avoid sweat build-up.



  1. Bring an extra bag for your mask: Imagine you go to a restaurant, have a seat on your table, and take off your mask to eat, but you can’t find a place to put it. Surely, you wouldn’t want to put it on the table, but you can’t put it in your park bag either, due to the risk of contamination. An extra bag to put you mask-in-use is a good idea for your Disney trip in the COVID era.


  1. Have a Hand Sanitizer and cleaning wipe at hand: There are hand sanitizers and Handwash stations installed near every high touch point. Cast members will also be vigilant in wiping down every surface. Still, it is a good idea to have a cleaning system with you as well, especially if you have kids with you.


Sanitizing your hands from time to time and wiping the surface before you sit down will lower the risk of catching an infection. Be sure to wipe your phone from time to time with a disinfectant as you will be touching it the most.


Final Thoughts:

Ultimately, your trip to Walt Disney World will not be as it used to be. Still, You can expect a great trip given that the Parks will be less crowded due to restricted capacity. It will also increase the possibility of having last-minute trips! If you maintain social distance and follow health protocols and these tips, you can surely have a vacation of a lifetime!

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