Universal Island of Adventures

A friend of ours at Orlando Pest Control told us we should write about Universal Island of Adventures. Planning and executing a trip to the Island of adventures is a lot of fun, but it can overwhelm sometimes. Starting from when to plan the visit to which Islands to visit; everything needs preparation. Don’t worry, this article will help you plan a trip of a life-time to the Universal Island of Adventure.

The Best Time to Visit the Universal Island of Adventure:

It really depends on whether you are planning to go alone, with friends or with your kids.

With Kids:

If you are going with children, it would most probably be during their holidays. So, the question here is not what the best time is but which holidays are the best to plan your Universal Island vacation. The answer is Spring Break! The weather is just perfect. It is not too hot that you melt away. If you plan to visit in March, you will be able to see Mardi gras celebrations!

If your family is big on Christmas celebration, December could be best for you too. Island of adventure has an elaborate display of Christmas and parades which are just magical!

However, keep in mind that these are peak seasons so the prices will be higher than usual. My advice will be to have your bookings done well in advance and keep an eye on last-minute deals on hotels and vacation rentals. It will save you a lot of money. Moreover, plan the trip during weekdays to avoid a bigger crowd.

Without Kids:

Off-peak seasons are best for people visiting without children. These are the times when schools are open so families with kids are not really on vacation. The perks of Off season are not just limited to smaller crowds, but cheaper prices too!

The best off-peak times for you to visit Universal Island of Adventure are:

  • Start of the year (January and early February)
  • A month before or a few weeks after the spring vacations.
  • After the Labor Day Till just before thanksgiving.
  • the period between after-thanksgiving week and mid-December.

How Long Your Trip to Universal Island Should be

Even a 7-day trip would not be enough to absorb the awesomeness that Florida offers!  Although you can also plan a day at park too, but you would just be tasting the appetizers instead of the hole 4-5 course meal this place of adventure and imagination has to offer!

Experts strongly recommend giving at least three to 4 days to really enjoy what Universal has to offer. You could combine your trip to the Islands of adventures with a Universal’s Citywalk and a visit to Universal Studios. Add Universal’s Volcano Bay to your itinerary as the cherry on top. If your pocket allows, you could combine it with a Disney world vacation and have an adventure of a lifetime!

Pro Tips for An Epic Trip to Universal’s Island of adventure:

  • Ticket Booking: Book your ticket online! This will not only save you from long lines at the ticket counter, but if you book the tickets in advance, you will save money and avoid the price hikes of peak seasons.
  • Universal Express Pass: If you are visiting during the peak season, be sure to buy an express pass! Most of the rides will have long wait-times during the busy season so it will save you a lot of time.
Pro Tip: The Hard Rock Hotel, Royal Pacific Resort and Loews Portofino Bay Hotel offer Free Express passes for their hotel guests.


  • Official Universal Orlando App: Be sure to download the official app as it will help you plan your route around the Islands of Adventure ahead of time. You could see what wait times can be expected on each ride, timings of the shows, as well as the order food online from some park restaurants so you don’t have to stand in the line!
  • Packing List: First, be sure to pack an umbrella or a poncho! With the Florida weather, you never know when it will start raining. Comfortable shoes, sun protection, and lightweight clothing should also be a part of your list. Don’t forget to carry a small bag along with hand sanitizers, sunglasses, small snacks and reusable water bottle in it.
  • Arrival Time: Island of Adventure can get really busy as the day passes. If you want to save your precious hours at the park, arrive at least one hour before the park opens!


Pro Tip: If you are a guest at the Universal Orlando Hotel, you may also be able to get early park admission.


  • Lunch and Dinner Time: Eateries can get crowded around lunch and dinnertime. It is best to plan your meals around these times.


Pro Tip: Take rides during the lunchtime and dinnertime as they are less crowded at that time so a low wait time can be expected!


  • Single Riders: are you traveling solo? Be sure to stand in solo riders’ line It will cut waiting time in half! Although you might not want to miss the magical experience of waiting in Hogwarts Castle queue, so experts recommend taking the regular waiting line for Harry Potter and the forbidden Journey.
  • Virtual Line Pass: Don’t want to wait in line? Get a virtual Line Pass on select attractions using the official Universal Orlando App. Reserve a return time for your group and then explore the island until your ride time!
  • The Port of Entry: Spend some time looking around and discovering the Port of Entry. It has some amazing themed shops and the restaurants that are often overlooked because of the excitement of getting to the rides and adventure.
  • Lockers: These are free for a certain amount of period if the attraction requires you to leave behind loose items. Always take a picture of your locker to eliminate the risk of forgetting your locker number.
  • Ride Height: At the entrance of the park there is a height chart. It is best for you to take your kids there first and have them look at what rides they are eligible to take. This step would prevent the latter disappointment they might face on finding out they are not allowed on a particular ride!
  • Child Swipe Program: If you have children that are not eligible for certain rides, you can take advantage of this program. Your partner and you can take turns on a ride while one of you stays with the little one in the family room for each ride.

7 Attractions You Must Experience at Universal’s Island of Adventure:

  1. Hagrid’s Magical Creature Motorbike Adventure: First choose who wants to be Hagrid and ride the bike and who wants to ride the side cart as Harry potter. Get on this thrill ride and explore the grounds of Hogwarts and the forbidden forest while encountering magical creatures.
  2. Enjoy Butterbeer: An alert for all the Potterheads! Do not forget to have the famous butterbeer when you are at IOA. You can try cold, hot, frozen, or Potted cream butterbeer. Fudge and soft serve ice-creams are also available in butterbeer flavor. Apart from the butterbeer carts, these must-have drinks for all the muggles can be ordered at Three broomsticks, Hog’s head pub and Honeydukes in Hogsmeade section.
  3. Jurassic Park River Adventure: This cool water ride lets you take an 85-foot plunge into the world of dinosaurs.  Be ready to encounter a hungry T. Rex!
  4. Raptor Encounter: Did you fall in love with Blue while watching Jurassic World? Well, if you did, add meeting Blue to your checklist at the Raptor encounter! If you are courageous enough, you could slowly approach her to snap a quick photo.
  5. The Amazing adventures of Spider-Man: This Virtual 3D/ 4D motion Simulation experience will have you laugh and scream on the same ride! Filled with fun this ride in Marvel Superhero Island lets you face marvel characters while you move through the streets and fight Syndicate along with Spidey.
  6. The Incredible Hulk Coaster: If you like fast rides, this is the one for you! One of a kind, Hulk coaster will move at 67 miles per hour. It will keep your adrenaline level high throughout the ride.
  7. Skull Island- Reign of Kong: One of the coolest rides with amazing details and animatronics, this ride will take you to a journey through the jungle. Spoiler alert: You might get a Kongfrontation.
  8. Seuss Character Zone: If you grew up reading Dr. Seuss like me, you wouldn’t want to miss a meet up with your favorite storybook characters!

Top 6 Kid Friendly Rides at the Islands of adventure:

  1. Flight of the Hippogriff at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter
  2. The Hogwarts Express at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter
  3. Storm-Force Accelatron at Marvel Superhero Island
  4. Pteranodon Flyers at the Jurassic Park
  5. The Cat in the Hat at Seuss Landing
  6. One fish two fish red fish blue fish at Seuss Landing

Universal’s Island of Adventure has something for everyone! You simply couldn’t stop yourself from having fun — even if you wanted to!

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